anna alkhim
Birth date6 October 1991
Full nameAnna Nikolaevna Alkhimova
Marital statusin relationship
Social Media

Anna Alkhim (real name Alkhimova) is a popular Ukrainian insta-blogger with over half a million subscribers. The girl gained popularity due to her interesting and expressive appearance, multiple tattoos, spontaneity and scandalous publications.

Biography of Anna Alhim

Anya was born on October 6, 1991. Many people think that she is from a “major” family, but her father is a miner by profession. Parents sold meat in the market for ten years, and then began to provide funeral services.

anna alhim parents

Anna’s parents with grandchildren

The Instagram star has a law degree and even gained practical experience in the Oktyabrsky District Court of Dnepropetrovsk as an assistant lawyer. She also worked as a manager. However, rather boring and monotonous activities did not fit into the life of the girl, the only thing she liked was “digging into criminal cases” related to murders. She did not plan to become a blogger, her childhood dream was acting.

Anna Alhim – Instagram page

In the early stages of her blog, Anya posted videos and photos from nightclubs, showing breakaway dances and the number of “destroyed” alcoholic beverages. Parents forbade their daughter to flaunt their lives. After a certain time, Alhim learned how to edit videos on her own. She did not pursue any specific goals, she simply filmed everything she liked, and then posted it on the network. After she saw more than one hundred thousand subscribers on her page, Anna realized that this activity has good prospects. There were also scandalous posts – once she was driving with a friend in a car, and a shot rang out from the car. The activists even suspected that Anna was involved in the wounding of the child, but during the investigation it was found out that the gunshot was in another area of ​​the city.

Now almost everything is published: from recreation to household items – cafes and hotels. She does not hesitate to look sleepy or unkempt in the photo. Subscribers love her for who she is. There is often foul language. He says that it is thanks to the mat that he can express his thought most successfully. This is especially true for haters.

Anna Alhim photo

Anya’s home look

One of the important moments was the shooting in the video “Seryozha” of the musical group “Neangels”. When Alhim was able to play herself perfectly, her fame began to skyrocket. One of the key differences between a blogger and others is that Anya does not shoot vines and other entertainment videos. On the contrary, the Instagram celebrity shows the public his own real life without embellishment. One of the important advantages, according to fans, is that there is no simulated ideality in the girl’s posts. The nickname on Instagram “Spoiled Fairy” accurately reflects her rebelliousness, which goes well with her lyrical nature. The public was interested in the question of whether Alkhimova did plastic surgery. It is impossible to say for sure, there is no confirmed information on the network. However, it is clear: the star loves experiments with her appearance, and her plump lips are clearly not from birth.

There are more than 20 tattoos on the body of the blogger. According to her, all tattoos are signs of protest.

Personal life of Anna Alkhim. Husband and divorce

In 2017, the instadiva married Alexander Buryachenko, who was engaged in wrestling. Already in 2018, a replenishment took place in the family – the blogger gave birth to a son. But Anna refuses to disclose the name of her baby to a wide audience. Although after a caesarean section a scar appeared on Alkhimova’s stomach, he does not bother her at all. The girl is sure that this is the most beautiful trace of all that is on her body. Photos of her son and husband are rarely seen on the blogger’s page, so Anya wants to protect them from multiple “well-wishers” who write all sorts of nasty things on the network.

anna alhim divorce

Anna with ex-husband Alexander

In the fall of 2019, information appeared on the Internet about the upcoming divorce from her husband. The divorce suit was filed on October 8 with the Dnipropetrovsk District Court. On her page, the blogger shared with subscribers that she and her husband could not live together, and the couple broke up. But she indicated that they managed to remain friends. Former spouses together raise a common son.

Anna Alkhimova now

Your Instagram career is on the rise. Anya manages to earn good money on this platform. She is engaged in advertising products on the Internet, opened her own salon, and often acts as a brand ambassador for INGLOT (decorative cosmetics). On her page you can often listen to funny songs of your own production (“Gymnastics”, “Barbecue”).

Anna Alhim biography

Anna looks great in any outfit

A star also appears on television, taking part in entertainment programs, among which Shalena Zirka occupies a special place. She was invited to the “Bachelor”, but Anna refused for the sake of a relationship. In the latest news, it was said that Alkhimova sold the business, but there was no official confirmation yet. The girl managed to achieve considerable success thanks to Instagram, she is not going to stop there.

Source of personal photos: Instagram of the scandalous Ukrainian blogger Anna Alkhim.