The blogSMI team works to ensure that visiting our site does not violate your privacy. This Internet resource is intended solely for an exciting pastime of users. We set ourselves a specific task – to provide readers with interesting content about popular online personalities. The collection of personal data of users does not fit into the paradigm of activity we have chosen.

Many of the processes of the website are automated and do not depend on us. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main principles of our privacy policy, which are set out below. Visiting the site implies your full acceptance of them.

What personal data we collect and why we need it

Personal data is collected by a soulless machine that operates automatically. From our side, no action is taken to obtain information about users of the site.


If someone decides to leave a comment under the published material, then we get access to some data of the active user. Regardless of the text of the message, the information entered in the comment form, the user’s IP address, and the user-agent data of the browser are transmitted to us. This helps to reduce the amount of spam and minimize the activity of unscrupulous individuals.


A cookie is a small piece of user data that is automatically stored on a website. Thanks to this, its use becomes more convenient and personalized. For example, a site can remember what language you are looking for information in, what device you are accessing from, what browser you prefer. In addition, cookies protect you from irrelevant and intrusive information because they help to articulate your advertising interests.

Web analytics

A number of analytical programs collect data on what type of device the site is accessed from, what location the reader is in, and what time of day he went to By receiving this data, we will find out whether the published material is interesting to users, how best to present it and in what direction to develop our site. All this information is available only to us and does not go beyond the work with the site.

The site is combined with Google Analytics and Yandex Webmaster web analytics packages.

Link to Google’s privacy policy:

Link to Yandex privacy policy:

Third Party Resources

On the site you can find links to other Internet resources. Published content may contain embedded content (videos, images, etc.). If you click on such links or embedded materials, you are actually going to the source site. We are not responsible for the fate of your data after the transition to third-party resources. Be aware that they may collect additional information about users.

Ensuring the security of collected personal data

The received information about users is used solely for the purpose of improving the quality of the site in general and the quality of the published content in particular. We do not carry out any actions aimed at transferring personal data to third parties. Some of the information collected automatically is not used by us at all. Site security is provided by special plugins. They minimize the chance of data leakage.