Arthur Babich
Birth date16 May 2000
Full nameArthur Babich
Marital statusin relationship
Social Media

Artur Babich is a weiner, insta-blogger, tiktoker. In the spring of 2020, he moved from Ukraine to Russia and joined the first creative association of young TikTok stars.

Artur Babich: biography

Full name – Artur Samvelovich Babich. Born on May 16, 2000 in the city of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region. More precisely, in the village of Volnoye, which the tiktoker once mentioned. After that, subscribers began to visit his house. The guy didn’t like it very much. He has an older sister, Lyudmila, whose photos are posted on his personal VK page. And the younger brother Timur is the faithful hero of most of the blogger’s videos.

arthur babich biography
Arthur with his younger brother Timur

Some fans of Arthur’s work cannot imagine him without his brother. The younger Babich has been present from the very beginning of the promotion of Instagram and Tik Tok of the Ukrainian video blogger. All videos attract with cute curiosities, funny set-ups of the boy and interesting dialogues. There is no exact data on how old Timur is on Tiktoker’s social networks. Even on Instagram there is a large selection of saved stories with a little girl Lina. According to subscribers, this is Babich’s younger sister.

Also, Arthur does not cover the facts from the children’s biography. Judging by the completed VK profile, he went to a school in Dnepropetrovsk. The young man does not talk about higher education and choosing a profession. He started Instagram in the fall of 2018, and since December of the same year he has been filming vines. At first, much attention was paid only to the instablog – he posted a couple of videos on TikTok and did not expect great popularity on this site.

Artur Babich – a resident of the house of Tik Tok stars

On one of the first TikTok videos, Arthur played a famous song and filmed a story on the topic “WTF?”. Here he allegedly accidentally drops ice cream on his face or pours Coke on himself. This video quickly rose to the recommended and got a lot of followers. Thus, Babich can be called the creator of the trend.

In 2019, the biography of the blogger has changed, as he has become one of the most popular Ukrainian tiktokers. In an interview for the DIVAN YouTube channel, he noted that they began to recognize him on the street. At the beginning of 2020, Babich began to cooperate with the leading stars of the Russian-speaking segment of Tik Tok. In February, he posted on Instagram about a major life change. Then he left his native Krivoy Rog for Moscow and became part of the first “settlement” of tiktokers from the CIS countries.

The project is called “Dream Team House” and is based in a large rented apartment in the capital of Russia. Arthur lives in this house and shoots content for promotion on the Internet. He is considered one of the leaders of the association, along with Danya Milokhin. Girls also live with them: Anya Pokrov, Nika Geser and Nastya Useeva. In total, there are 14 young and charged participants in the Dream Team House.

Does he have a girlfriend? Anya Pokrov and Artur Babich

From the female part of the subscribers, Arthur repeatedly received a question about whether he had a girlfriend. He did not answer directly, more and more often he laughed off and played with the same vines and funny stories. After the launch of Dream Team House, fans had a strong opinion that Anya Pokrov (Pokrovskaya) and Babich were dating. Young people are often filmed together. A song for the background or a fragment from a movie, a cartoon is always chosen in a love theme.

artur babich girlfriend
Artur and Anya Pokrov

There is no concrete official confirmation of the Tiktokers’ close relationship. All guesses are based on the fantasies of shippers. This is the name of fans of well-known personalities on the Internet who vividly represent and discuss the rapid development of a love affair between idols. Tiktokers see increased interest in their couple and give even more reason to think that they are dating and in love.

Tiktoker now

As of April 2020, Babich is watched by 2.1 million people on Tik Tok, and over 860 thousand on Instagram. The guy is working hard on scripts and developing new ideas. In stories, he complains about lack of sleep and accumulated fatigue. But his videos still sparkle with enthusiasm and artistry. One of the latest videos on Tik Tok was created from cutting video clips from a past life in Ukraine. Arthur wrote that he misses carefree days.