Budda Slim biography
Full nameBudda (Bob) Slim
Marital statusmarried
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Budda (Bob) Slim is a YouTuber who shoots reactions to popular clips and events. He got a YouTube silver button. The man is one of the most popular bloggers who show honest reactions live. He has almost 200 thousand subscribers and several tens of millions of views. He is no longer young. There were many interesting events in his life. Bob doesn’t want to talk about some of them, so he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. However, you have a chance to get some exclusive information about his origin, nationality, age, real name, wife, plans for life.

Biography: Age, Real Name

Budda has oriental roots. This explains the choice of nickname. Budda is not the real name of the musician and YouTuber. It is most likely that this is a tribute to the Buddhist religion to which he or his ancestors belonged. On Instagram, the man uses the name Bob. We have no other choice but to treat this name as real.

Budda Slim biography

Bob is about 40 years old. The exact date of birth is unknown. The man is taking his first steps as a blogger and has not yet dedicated his subscribers to such details, although he has quite a few fans around the world.

Since childhood, Budda Slim has been fond of music. Now he connected his life with her. On Instagram, you can find many posts from small bands thanking Bob for editing their work. This means that a man is respected for his musical talent and taste.

The Best Reactions on YouTube

Bob created a YouTube channel in 2020. For some reason, the musician decided to start showing his reactions to listening to popular hits for the first time. The peculiarity of his content is that he does not listen to songs before filming. For this reason, he is always honest and extremely emotional. The first song to be reviewed was ‎Kiing Khash “Ain’t No Gangster”. The video received very few views. However, Budda was not afraid of an unsuccessful debut and was not mistaken in his predictions.

The video of Bukti Kuat, Militer Indonesia Paling Ditakuti Militer Asing received the most views. The video received almost 500 thousand views. No youtuber has received so many views for reacting to this song.

In 2022, Budda Slim filmed a lot of reactions to Ukrainian songs. The man was struck by the strength of the spirit of the Ukrainian people and the quality of the music. He supported the struggle of Ukraine for which he received respect and thousands of subscribers from this country.

Bob is learning Polish. He does not have Polish roots, but he is making progress. It is very common to hear Polish swear words during his emotional reviews.

Personal Life: Wife and Children

Bob has a wife. He calls her Mama Slim, but that’s just an Instagram username. She does needlework. A woman makes various crafts that you can buy in her online store. She posted a photo with a child (a boy aged 10-11 years). Perhaps this is her and Bob’s son. But there is no exact confirmation of this fact.

Budda Slim wife

Budda Slim Net Worth

American YouTuber is not very rich. He doesn’t hide it. His income from YouTube can be several thousand dollars a month. Part of the family budget is his wife’s small business. The net worth of a blogger can be estimated at $100,000.