The discovery of 2020 was the social network Clubhouse. The network was created by Stanford alumni, former Google programmers Paul Davison and Rogan Seth. Its developers launched it during the pandemic and self-isolation, when people most acutely experienced a lack of communication with each other. As conceived by the creators, the platform should enable live communication of interests to people from all over the world.

Since 2021, the network has been gaining popularity in Russia. A distinctive feature of the Clubhouse is the format of communication in the form of voice messages.

Registration through an invite to the Clubhouse

Signing up online is not easy. The platform is in closed access. In addition to voice communication in audio chats, the exclusivity of the network makes it possible to register only through invites (invitations).

How to get to the Clubhouse

Since the network is at the testing stage and is still a closed club, you will only be able to become a member if you have an invitation from an already registered member of the platform.

How to get an invite

Everything ingenious is simple:

  1. Get a nickname after downloading, reserve a place for yourself, stand in line and wait for the platform to open for everyone.
  2. Ask friends who have access to the network to send you an invitation.
  3. Send a request to the Telegram chat with a request for registration and wait for an invite, which are transmitted along the chain. One member of the club has the right to send 2 invitations to the Club house. After receiving an invitation, you will be able to send your invites to those who want to get into a private club and will be able to tell them how to enter the network.
  4. Buy a clubhouse invite on a verified auction like Ebay.

How to register in Clubhouse on IOS

Clubhouse on IOS

You can register your account by following these steps:

  1. Download the Club house app from the Appstore;
  2. Think up and enter a nickname;
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Enter the code that came in SMS to your phone number;
  5. Choose the option to enable or not notifications;
  6. Select the rooms you would like to join the themes.

Then you can proceed to the design of your personal account. In the profile, add a personal photo, description, links to your social networks, interests, ways to contact you. You can start chatting as soon as you get an invite. Your profile will display the username of the Club house that sent you the invite.

Create a Clubhouse profile on Android

Clubhouse profile on Android

Currently, it is not possible to officially install the Clubhouse application on mobile devices with the Android operating system. In February 2021, the well-known programmer Mopeva Ogundipe was assigned to solve the problem of adapting the network to the Android platform. It was she who was the developer of software for Instagram based on Android.

What kind of social network is this Russian users found out at the end of 2020. In Russia, they were able to bypass the restrictions, an unofficial port of the Clubhouse for Android by a third-party developer appeared. Almost all the functions of the official application work in the version. But using the Russian version is not safe, the official developers of the social network can block the user at any time.

Themed rooms at the Clubhouse

The social network is designed for live communication of interests and consists of thematic rooms. Interaction in the rooms takes place online and only by voice messages. Recording conversations is prohibited by the rules of using the social network.

According to the degree of availability, rooms in the Club house are divided into:

Public – available to all registered users.
Private – available only to the leader’s subscribers.
Closed – available to members of a specific club.

Each room can accommodate up to 5,000 participants. The participant of the discussion can choose the role of listener or speaker. In the process of communication, a chat moderator is selected who monitors discipline and compliance with the rules. Each registered user can be a guest or the creator of their own themed room.

The Clubhouse has formed unspoken rules of conduct and etiquette:

  • turn off the microphone when the participant speaks;
  • use the “raise palm” function if you want to speak;
  • blink the microphone if you want to show attention to the speaker;
  • do not draw attention to yourself, delaying the performance.

People in the Clubhouse communicate democratically and naturally. You can secretly leave the chat at any time. There are rooms where you can just keep quiet, studying the profile of the guests.

Registration in the network of famous personalities contributes to the wild popularity of club house. On January 31, 2021, Elon Musk offered to talk to the President of Russia. After the speech of the media personality, the shares of Clubhouse Media Group soared in price. The audience of the network is just being formed and it is difficult to predict its future, but today Club house is a top application.