Autumn 2020 gave bloggers a new flex track. To the surprise of social media users, the hit was an old composition that was gathering dust on the shelves of the Polish charts. Now lovers of musical vines are wondering who is Cypis and what is his song “Tilko odno in the head of moms” about?

Polish song Gdzie jest biały węgorz: translation, transcription

The original title of the composition is “Gdzie jest biały węgorz”. In Polish, this sounds, approximately, like “where there is a white wengoshch” and means “where there is a white eel” (in literal translation). The rest of the text is also written and performed in this language. Belarusians and Ukrainians quickly caught familiar words in the song. But it will be very difficult to understand and sing a hit without preparation.

The most popular part of the song is its chorus. In it, the musician sings that all his thoughts revolve around 5 grams of a banned substance. It should send the protagonist to the land of oblivion. The phrase “tilko edno in the head of moms coke drink a gram” became the recognition of the composition. It means “I have only one thing in my head: 5 grams of coke.”

Coke 5 grams: the meaning of the text

The song’s message is revealed in its lyrics, but most listeners are only familiar with the chorus. The verses are filled with obscene language and references to illegal chemistry. The poetic component is understandable only to the local listener. Even with translation, the text looks rather complicated. It is entirely devoted to the condition of a person who periodically uses various substances, but this time he could not get the forbidden fruit.

The author of the track named his composition very aptly. The title became the essence of everything that happens in the song. Biały węgorz (white eel) figuratively means delirium tremens. This difficult condition is dedicated to the Polish song. Behind the driving presentation lies an important message – do not try destructive rubbish. The horrors of the withdrawal state are described very intelligibly and impressively.

“Tylko Jedno W Głowie Mam” on TikTok and YouTube

The hit was released to the court of the Polish public in 2015. For the local audience, it was an understandable track with a simple underground sound. For such a small country and a narrow focus, Cypis has collected a lot of views. But the international expansion took place in 2020 thanks to the social network TikTok.

A beat to match Slava Marlow hooked Internet users. Enthusiasts began to make short videos with the refrain of the song “5 Grams”. In them, a variety of characters flexed to the music (cow, triangles, Peppa pig). Later, the honor to show their dance style under Tsypisa was awarded to Putin, Andrzej Duda, dancing undertakers). For connoisseurs on YouTube, even 60-minute versions for perky flex are available. There are many videos on the net where a special computer program puts the words of a song into the mouths of popular people.

In TikTok, under the Polish hit of Sypis (aka Tsypis), everyone excels as best they can. The social network gives vent to fantasy. Usually these are short dance vines. However, among the thousands of funny tiktokers, not a single influencer was noticed. Apparently, the track is too proletarian and is designed for ordinary guys.

Cypis Solo: who is it?

Cypisolo became the author and performer of the sticky composition. This is a Polish rapper who is famous for his goofy but hilarious hip hop tracks. He began an active creative career in 2014, but he has been fond of music since school. The guy recorded more than 20 albums, the lion’s share of which scattered among the fans of the underground.

The performer was born in 1989. He is married and has a son. The musician combines the role of a bully rapper, an exemplary family man, an MMA fighter and a citizen with an active position.

Now the man goes in for sports. He went into fights without rules. There, the colorful Pole was able to achieve some success. But Cypis’s exit to a high fighting level is doubtful.

Musical career seems to be on pause. But, due to the growing popularity, Cypisolo actively advertises his records and merch. The logical continuation of the wave of hype will be the release of a new track. In the fall of 2020, the musician was spotted at protests in Poland. He and thousands of Poles rallied against the ban on abortion. At mass meetings, Tsypis performed his social videos. The abundance of obscene criticism of the authorities made a splash among young people.

In 2022, the man released the hit Jebać Putina. The song has received hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and Tik Tok.