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Russian TikTokers did not lag behind the American trend and at the beginning of March 2020 created the first Russian association Dream Team House. However, according to the leader of the community Dani Milokhin, they are united with the idea of ​​an analogue of the “Hype House” from the USA only by a common living space.

Dream Team House: how it works and where it is located

The founded YouTube channel under the eponymous name “Dream Team House” has already collected 4 million views in a month. On the welcome video, Danya talked about why this channel is needed and who is part of the community. A group of creative and young Tik Tok figures are now working not only for themselves, but for shared content. The guys are sure that such an embodiment of fresh creatives will bring them even more recognition and popularity.

Based on a spacious apartment in the city of Moscow, which serves as the “home of the dream team”. There is still no exact location address and a map with information on how to get to this wonderful home on the network. Although many publics have already covered a bright event in the Russian blogosphere.

dream team house tik tok

The journalists even visited the rented apartment, and in a review article called “Dream Team House” a modern reality show. Indeed, the team members share in social networks the development of the biography of their association almost in real time. They simply call a large living space of 7 rooms and a luxurious bathroom with a sauna a hostel. And those who live and work there really look like students from a famous sitcom.

Dream Team House: residents and participants

The TikTok stars who make up the Dream Team House do not reveal the secret of who created this project. Judging by the fact that the logo for the creative community was developed by Artemy Lebedev’s studio, the funding is quite impressive. The leaders of the project are Danya Milokhin and Artur Babich. In addition to them, Nikita Avdeev and 3 girls constantly live in the apartment: Nika Geser, Anya Pokrov and Nastya Useeva. Also in the article with an interview with the guys there is a manager who also lives with them under the same roof.

The community includes 8 more tiktokers: Ksyusha Zvereva, Makha, sisters Manukyan, Oleg Romanenko, Diana Aster, Amina “TinderlyBae” and Vladislav Kochepasov. The latter began to gain popularity with the appearance of shared photos and videos on the team’s channel. He became more known as Vlad from Dream Team House. The listed TikTok bloggers differ from those who live on a permanent basis in a creative house only in the absence of overnight stays. The rest of the time, most guys get together for a full-time job and make entertaining content.

dream team house members

The participants describe their work process as follows: a plan is prepared with sketches of topics and ideas for filming, then they are divided into groups and begin to create. They definitely share directions: someone is preparing fresh posts on TiKTok and Instagram, others are preparing new releases on YouTube. True, it is not always possible to fulfill what was originally planned. Sometimes a flight of fancy can lead to better plots.

YouTube channel “Dream Team House”

Challenges and actual games have become the main vector of development of Dream Team House on YouTube. In the latest issues, the guys draw blindly, study fashionable masks from Instagram and eat incongruous foods. One of the successful ones was a video with solving strange and rarely used words. Guys and girls from the “dream team” argued how the word “tsutsik” or “stunted” is translated.

On the video hosting platform, the group content of tiktokers from Russia is already watched by 280 thousand viewers. In Tik Tok, 1.4 million users have signed up for the association, and several dozen fan accounts have also been created. A private Instagram profile has 838,000 followers. In their interview for the article to a well-known media outlet, the leaders of the group note that the casting for entry into the Dream Team House has been terminated. Bloggers do not want to inflate the project and lose the cohesion of the company.