Elvir Aljicevic biography
Birth date5 May 2000
Full nameElvir Aljicevic
OccupationTikToker, model
Height185 cm
Weight77 kg
Marital statussingle
Social Media

Elvir Aljicevic is a Swedish model and social media influencer (top blogger) with immense popularity. In 2019 he received the honorary title of Mister Universe Model Sweden. The man often participates in commercial events of famous brands. Charisma and bright appearance, the ability to correctly feel the audience’s mood, and the ability to increase the capital – it is what gives Elvir fame and a good income.

Biography: Age, Family, Origin

The handsome man was born on May 5, 2000, in Sweden (Halmstad, Halland). His zodiac sign is Taurus. He doesn’t have a Swedish surname. His parents are from the Balkan countries (presumably Bosnia). But their son is a Swedish citizen by birth. The young man has a sister. He does not provide further details about his family.

Tik Tok Career

Elvir is active in social networks and collaborates with different famous brands as model. In mid-2020, his Instagram account was blocked. It was a blow to the guy. Instagram has been an important part of the modeling business and marketing. He gathered his strength and started all over again. He managed to surpass past achievements. Tik Tok went into this priority.

He once performed with his sister on the August 2020 TikTok dance video set to the Ne-Yo song “Because of You.” The reason for the explosive success is not fully understood. But the guy took advantage of it. There is no information about whether he studied at the university, but his career obviously does not fit with his studies.

Elvir Aljicevic wikipedia

For the first time, the man gained popularity and love from fans on TikTok, where you can find him by the pseudonym @elvir_aljicevic. He currently has 8.7M followers. A cheerful and charismatic guy records a video where he poses in great outfits with a dazzling smile. The audience is ecstatic. The man also leads Instagram under the same nickname @elvir.aljiceviic (616,000 subscribers). He can be found on Snapchat under the username @Elviraljiceevic.

Elvir Aljicevic Net Worth

Elvir is one of the richest TikTok stars rumored to have a net worth in 2021 of roughly between $1 Million – $5 Million. In 2020, the star’s likely net worth was between $100,000 and $1 million. Of course, until he reveals information about himself, we cannot know for sure how much he will earn.

Elvir Aljicevic net worth

Tik Tok is not the most generous platform for monetizing content. However, the guy has some sponsorship contracts with famous brands. He is a successful model, so he always has an additional source of income. He earns about $150,000 a year. Did he manage to earn a million dollars? There is such a possibility.

Elvir’s Girlfriend

A bright and charming man who delights fans, and it is not surprising that his personal life is of great interest. Alas, we do not yet know if the man is dating someone. It is known only at the moment that he is not married.

Elvir Aljicevic girlfriend

It is quite possible to learn from a young 22-year-old handsome man. One appearance and charisma are not enough to earn a great fortune. The Swedish model and social media influencer can choose great projects, feel the audience’s needs, and understand what will bring profit. A social media star can be a role model for those who want to succeed.