Erin Holbert bio
Full nameErin Holbert
Occupationblogger, farmer
Marital statusunknown
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Erin Holbert is a farmer who blogs on Instagram and YouTube. This is a young girl who revealed the secrets of farming to the residents of big cities. She uses social media to market her family farm products and promote her own brand, Heart of the Midwest.

How Old is Erin Holbert?

The girl never called her age in public. This will not prevent us from getting closer to the truth. According to her LikedIn, she graduated from Purdue University in 2015. There she received a specialization in Agricultural Business and Management. This suggests that she was born in 1994 or so. The rest of the information from her biography is quite compatible with such a date of birth. She is a very attractive girl, so her age will always be controversial. Even driving a combine, Erin knows how to look young and beautiful.

Bio and Wiki

Erin Holbert Wikipedia

Erin was born in Dana, Indiana. This is a small provincial town where her parents live. The father has been a respected local farmer for many years. He is no longer young, but his daughter does a very large amount of work and does it with joy. The girl from childhood took part in the work of the family farm. She even put it on her resume, even though she worked as an assistant unofficially.

Erin received special education. Her parents did not mind if she left the provincial town and found a prestigious job in the metropolis. Erin practiced the agricultural business for several years in various positions, but she was drawn to home. Not everyone understands her decision, but she did as her heart told her. A few years later, she proved to everyone that she was not mistaken.

The girl applied advanced knowledge and experience and helped the Holbert Farm increase its turnover. She created her brand Heart of the Midwest. In her online store you can buy goods related to agriculture and life in the countryside.

Erin Holbert Age

Is Erin Holbert Married?

The farm girl is not married. She may have a boyfriend, but the wedding has not taken place yet. It seems that Erin still has not met the one with whom she is ready to connect her life. There are a lot of videos from weddings on the Internet, where the bride’s name is Erin or she has the surname Holbert. Be careful, because these are the namesakes of your favorite blogger. Her content is dedicated to her favorite work, so it is difficult to find out about her personal life. The girl talks about the most personal on Twitter. If you love her work, then this social network will become the most valuable source of information for you.

Erin Holbert Net Worth

The farm Holbert works on belongs to her father, not to her. When he retires, the girl will completely take over the family business, but this has not happened yet. Farming is a profitable but very risky business. It is very difficult to estimate the profit of her family. Probably, we are talking about 300-400 thousand dollars a year.

Erin’s main source of income is blogging and selling personal brand products. This brings her up to 200 thousand dollars a year. Its current net worth can reach $500,000. This is more than enough for life in the province.