More people are now moving towards sustainable and healthier lifestyles. For most, this means abandoning tobacco cigarettes and seeking safe alternatives with limited or zero health consequences.

Vapes have come on the scene quite successfully since their very beginning. Vapes are perfect for ditching traditional cigarettes. If you are a new vapour or considering the switch, this guide has everything you need to know about the ideal beginners’ vape kit.

Vape and Vape Kit

The e-cigarette or a vape comes with vape coils that heat the vape juice (flavoured liquids) to create a vapour that can be inhaled. The vapes are battery-operated, lightweight, and portable. Recently these have gone on to become inexpensive and rather stylish.

Mostly the vapes have cylindrical shapes and are made in the size of a ballpoint pen to ensure portability, as these can easily fit inside your pocket or purse.

Choosing the Right Vape

Now that you know what vapes are, it is time for the next step, choosing the right vape kit for yourself. you should buy vape kit from well known brand, e.g Smok vape kit, aspire vape kit, and innoking vape kit. There are a few considerations that should be kept in mind while deciding on a particular vaping device:

1.     Budget

Vapes can range between $20 to $250 or even higher for the premium kits. As a beginner, it is recommended to perfect your vaping technique by getting middle-range vapes. This way, you will be free to do the try-and-error procedure while saving the big guns (premium vapes) for delayed gratification.

2.     Vape Battery

Again for a vape battery, there are some important considerations:

A.    Battery Life 

You need an average lifespan battery if you are a beginner or a light smoker. But if you consider yourself a heavy smoker or want to work your device for extended daily hours, you need a long-lasting battery.

B.    Battery Charging 

Make your life easier by choosing the charging option that you prefer. Some vapes can be charged via USB plugged into a computer. Also, there are kits available that can be charged with car chargers.

C.    Battery Type

Two types of batteries are available with vapes, automatic or manual.

Manual battery vapes require you to press a button to inhale, preserving battery life. Still, some users want the convenience of automatic vape batteries.  

Next up:

3.     Nicotine Requirements

Would you prefer a vape with disposable cartridges or refillable tanks? Cartridges have less nicotine than liquids, making them ideal if you want to quit smoking cigarettes.

On the other hand, if you want control over your nicotine levels, the refillable tank might be a good option.

4.     Lifestyle

The choice of a vape massively depends if you are a heavy smoker or a casual vape person. Any average vape device will do if you are a light or casual smoker. In contrast, it is preferred to go for more features and battery life when your use is heavy.

Final Thoughts 

All of the above factors significantly affect the choice of a vape kit for a beginner. Not only are these considerations offer guidance to new users, but they are also helpful for making the most out of your vaping devices.