Hype House Rus
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At the beginning of March 2020, an analogue of one of the most fashionable American tiktoker communities, Hype House, was organized in Russia. The guys did not think about the name for a long time, left the already promoted naming and added only the third word “Rus”. Within a few months of existence, the group of young Internet stars has changed markedly.

Development of the Russian Hype House

The launch of the project was announced on March 5, and the official YouTube channel was created on March 25, 2020. The founder was the producer and blogger Zair Yusupov, whose biography includes working with vines and shooting entertainment content. Therefore, if we talk about who is in charge in the Russian HYIP House, then this is him. It is difficult to single out a leader among the participants, since their roles are evenly distributed in the presentation of fresh material.

Another issue that continues to be discussed in the comments is the location of the popular home of Russian tiktokers. Some sources write that this is the north of Moscow. Others suggest various elite settlements of the Moscow region. As much as fans follow the geolocation of those who are in the group, the exact address of the country mansion remains a mystery.

Unlike the competitive Dream Team House community, Hype House Rus did not stop at the original line-up. In addition, the producer constantly monitors new TikTok stars – those who “hype” – and selects fresh “blood” for the TikTokers’ house. This approach motivates young talents and allows diversifying their biography by participating in a fashion project.

Participants of the Russian HYIP House: changes

Initially, 5 people got into the center of modern video makers: Valya Karnaval, Anna Ischuk, Amir, Dimas Blog and Egorka Ship. Funny young tiktoker Yegor captivated millions of fans and has long been considered a people’s leader. Under the video clips with those who are in the community, it was he who collected the most compliments from fans.

About 5 more people have been added to the legislators of youth culture in 3 months. Among the new participants was the incomparable Yulia Gavrilina, who favorably decorated the Russian HYIP House. Then Sonya Sleepy and Volodya XXL appeared on the YouTube channel. Also, the incendiary Katerina Golysheva and the groovy Pasha Dvoretsky drove into the star mansion.

The colorful characters of modern fan fiction work a lot on content and do not let their interest in their lives and the question of where the mysterious house is located subside. The YouTube channel has 780 thousand viewers and more than 15 videos, the number of views of some exceeds 2 million. The guys really work hard and regularly publish amusing releases. Among the vlogs and amazing challenges, there is the most clickbait video “Egor kissed Valya?”. He scored 2.8 million views and became the subject of heated discussions.

In addition to humorous and musical ingredients in all this modern youth “dish”, a significant part is romance. Fans do not cease to follow the formation of new couples from those who are members and live in the Russian HYIP House. For example, in June 2020, the fanclub noticed that Katya and Dima began to appear together too often in Instagram stories. Tiktokers, on the other hand, stir up rumors in every possible way, but do not officially declare their statuses.

Star partners of Hype House Rus

Starting from May 2020, well-known people from the world of pop culture come to the collaboration at the Russian HYIP House. And this cooperation brings obvious success to the project. The first guests were a couple of lovers – Olga Buzova and Dava Manukyan. The guys recorded several videos both for personal pages on Instagram and for the general community account. Dava starred in a sketch with Valya, Yegor Ship with the singer. By the way, after working together, the guy left the house of tiktokers and went on a free musical voyage.

In June, Hype House Rus was visited by Misha Galustyan and Alexander Revva. For one of the latest releases on YouTube, the singer Ramil was invited, who starred in a staged musical battle. Many of the line-up of TikTok stars are gradually moving into solo careers. Valya Karnaval recorded the track “Psychushka”, and Sonya Sleepy presented a video for the song “The Prosecutor’s Daughter”. The youth house of talents gives a wonderful chance to turn the biography of the tiktoker in the direction of music and the big stage.