Ekaterina Kovaleva
Birth date5 August 1998
Height165 cm
Weight53 kg
Marital statussingle
Social Media

Ekaterina Kovaleva is a Ukrainian blogger who has amassed a multimillion-dollar army of subscribers on YouTube and Tik-Tok. She positions herself as an “actress, blogger, tiktoker.” Her direction is vines and sketches on current life topics. The content is always filled with a high-quality sense of humor and outstanding semantic messages.

Biography of Ekaterina Kovaleva

Ekaterina KOVALEVA was born in Kyiv on August 5, 1998. As a child, she was a very active child, so from a young age she was professionally engaged in aerial acrobatics. In this hobby, she achieved serious success, becoming a member of the National Team of Ukraine and a master of sports in trampolining. The seriousness of her attitude to sports is evidenced by her achievements. Ekaterina is a 13-time champion of Ukraine. She managed to participate in the World and European Championships.

After school, Ekaterina entered the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine. After graduating from high school, she received a coaching specialty. But in the end, she found her vocation in another (largely due to an offensive knee injury).

Blog of Ekaterina Kovaleva: Tik-Tok and YouTube

After suffering a sports injury in March 2020, Katya realized that she needed to look for alternative activities. She began to try her hand at blogging. The girl did not rely on intuition and seriously delved into the study of this topic.

Not all debut videos gave the desired coverage. But a competent approach to business could not but be rewarded with views. A funny video with a rooster quickly gained 1.5 million views and launched Ekaterina Kovaleva’s blogging career.

In order for the content to be of high quality, the blogger took acting classes. She turned to a respected specialist in this industry – producer Sergei Melnikov (he is known to the Ukrainian audience for his work with the TV series “Kyiv Day and Night” and “7yaRozy”.

A year later, the number of followers reached the coveted mark of 1 million. The experience gained allowed Ekaterina to open her own Tik-Tok courses.

The first success in Tik-Tok pushed Ekaterina to further development. Gambling sports nature could not be satisfied with one direction. On August 12, 2020, her author’s channel appeared on YouTube. The path to the golden button took the blogger a little over a year.

Personal life: do you have a boyfriend?

Ekaterina Kovaleva supports feedback with subscribers. She is often asked about the details of her personal life. The blogger avoids this topic, implicitly hinting that this is not the topic of her blog. The girl is not married. She is passionate about blogging and, more recently, writing songs.

Ekaterina Kovaleva now

In the fall of 2021, KOVALEVA released her debut song Koroleva. The creation of the track was not without the participation of professionals, but Ekaterina wrote the main text herself. More songs are planned to be released in the near future.

The blogger periodically appears in commercials, participates in extras for films and TV shows, collaborates with famous bloggers.

He is fond of football, but due to an acute lack of time, he is often limited to watching typical matches and playing on the PlayStation. But, if possible, boldly enters the field and shows the class, surprising all the guys.