Opto biography TopNotch
Birth date18 October 1994
Full nameOpto (Aris Yeghiazaryan)
Occupationyoutuber, pranker
Marital statusunknown
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Opto (Aris Sureni or itsopto from TNG) is a YouTuber who does pranks in Los Angeles. His team has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. He gained popularity thanks to provocative scenarios. There are many speculations about his biography in open sources. We are the first on the Internet to conduct in-depth research to get to the bottom of the truth. Now there is a chance that this guy will be written about on Wikipedia.

Biography: Real Name and Nationality

Opto and Aris Sureni are nicknames. The source of this name remains a secret. The real name of the prankster is Aris Yeghiazaryan. He is Armenian by nationality. He was born in Armenia on October 18, 1994. Websites that do not respect their readers and Opto’s origin write that his homeland is the USA. However, Aris does not hide his origin. On his Instagram page, in the profile description, he put the national flag of Armenia.

From early childhood, the guy was fond of football. He played this sport at a professional level. His position on the field is goalkeeper. In 2012, he was supposed to get into the national team. His TopNotch Idiots channel has several videos of Opto showing off his technique.

Football career is in the past. The guy received a severe fracture of his arm, after which he was unable to restore his form. In 2016, Aris stated that some other important circumstances prevented the future of sports. Details remain behind the scenes.

When Aris moved to the US and why he took the name Opto is not known for sure. It can be said for sure that at that time he was very young. Now it has become part of the USA. The man lives and works in Los Angeles. However, his accent and the use of Russian curses give him away.

Fans of the TNG team’s creativity could see YouTuber’s parents in one of the videos. These are very positive people who love their son. They have 2 dogs. Instagram has a photo of a blogger with his sister. Fans have asked for a link to her profile, but the girl’s personal blog remains hidden from the public.

Itsopto Pranks: TopNotch Idiots

The first video with an original idiotic plot appeared on the Aris Yeghiazaryan channel in 2013. After that, the guy made attempts to catch the hype on popular trends.

The channel was named TopNotch idiots when Opto published the first prank in 2017. In this funny video, he asked the police to smoke. After that, a series of several original motorcycle pranks came out, which managed to get over a million views. This was the start of TNG’s success. Since 2020, there has been a boom in the popularity of the channel. The number of subscribers is growing at an incredible rate. For 2 years the guys have done x3.

There are some funny guys on the TopNotch team today. AJ Wolfy stands out especially among them. Fans love his bulging eyes. More about Wolfy at the link.

Opto’s Personal Life: Girlfriend

The more popular a YouTuber gets, the more photos with hot beauties on his Instagram. Among these bright girls there is no soul mate. He either hides his relationship or leads an active bachelor life.

Opto's girlfriend

You can be sure that the YouTube star is heterosexual. In one of the videos, his friends joked about a drunk friend. They played him. According to the plot of the joke, the leader of TNG was lounging in the same bed with a guy. Opto was very unhappy with what was happening.

Opto from the Top Notch Net Worth

Opto from the Top Notch net worth

It is difficult to determine the exact figures for personal capital and the annual income of a man and his colleagues. Given the popularity of his YouTube channel and the number of views (more than 200 million), it can be assumed that his capital in 2022 is 1 million US dollars. The monthly income is about 30 thousand dollars.

TNG receives a good income from the sale of merchandise. On their website you can find t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants.