Polina Dubkova biography
Birth date26 December 1998
Height168 cm
Weight54 kg
Marital statussingle
Social Media

Polina Dubkova is a choreographer, a well-known blogger and dancer. Popularity came during the massive development of the twerk style, in which the girl was very successful.

Biography of Polina Dubkova

Polina was born in the Russian city of Novosibirsk in an ordinary family. The girl prefers not to share details about mom and dad. However, it was the decision of the parents to send their 5-year-old daughter to ballet that determined her future. The dancer celebrates her birthday on December 26th. The year of birth is not indicated on the personal pages, but Polina was tentatively born in 1998. In one of the videos in 2019, she mentioned her age at the time of shooting – 21 years old.

For a long 7 years, the girl regularly studied ballet. According to her, it was hard. In addition, classmates, to put it mildly, did not approve of the fact that their peers were dancing classical and boring dances. It is not known how many years Polina’s torment would have lasted if, as a teenager, she had not arbitrarily gone into street directions. Now she proudly told her friends that she was doing hip-hop.

From childhood, Dubkova planned to get a degree in economics and organically fit this knowledge into the opening of her project – a dance school. She quite successfully completed 11 classes, passed the exam and honestly entered the Faculty of Economics. However, according to the girl, at the beginning of her studies, she realized that this was preventing her from developing the choreographer’s biography – dancing, making videos and training teams of “twerking” girls. Therefore, she boldly answers the question about education – 11 classes of the school.

Polina Dubkova: dancing and video blog

At the age of 15, Dubkova became interested in the then fresh styles of dance – Dancehall and Twerk. The physique, height of 170 cm, flexibility and the main element – Polina’s butt – seem to be created for these dances. While still a schoolgirl, she participated in various competitions and gradually became the leader of Novosibirsk in the dance hall. Her hometown has been deservedly nicknamed the forge of dancers in these outspoken directions.

At the age of 16, the choreographer creates his own YouTube channel, where he posts incendiary videos with his dances. Later, an Instagram account appears, and in 2019, as any blogger should, a Tik Tok profile. In addition to actively posting clips, Dubkova continued to participate in competitions and even qualified for the Dancing show in season 3. The hot dancehall “from Siberia” in conjunction with the twerk was adequately appreciated by the mentor Miguel.

The appearance of a dancing blogger on TV did not become a sensation in her biography. By this time, she was already quite famous in her city, and according to the video from YouTube – throughout the country and even the world. In 2015, one of Polina’s videos was reposted by two foreign hip-hop gurus at once – Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. The joy of the girl knew no bounds, and after that the number of subscribers increased significantly. Career development and recognition outside of Russia did not end there. In the summer of 2019, the choreographer, after moving to Moscow, choreographed a dance and starred in DJ Ahzee’s official video for the song “Eyes Closed”.

Personal life (does he have a boyfriend)

There are always a lot of rumors and risks of leaking spicy photos around Dubkova’s sexual appearance. However, revealing outfits and close-ups of her priests deprive the haters of their imagination. No obscenities were noticed behind the dancer. As for her personal life, this is also the subject of discussion of her subscribers.

There are a lot of representatives of the stronger sex in Polina’s hot photos and videos. These are both handsome guys from the dance world who keep her company, as well as famous modern bloggers and tiktokers. But the red-haired girl does not declare a serious relationship with someone specific from a number of creative companions.

Polina Dubkova now

At the end of May 2020, to stir up interest, the choreographer did not bypass the discussion of her fans’ suspicions that she starred in “Kitchen” as Katya. Indeed, Polina Dubkova and actress Valeria Fedorovich have an outward resemblance. The dancer even cosplayed the most similar photo and posted it on Instagram. As of June of the same year, a total of about 3 million Instagram and Tik Tok users follow the choreographer’s work. And clips with the author’s choreography of Polina for fresh hits are watched by more than 850 thousand YouTube visitors.