Sofia Ansari biography
Birth date30 April 1996
Full nameSofia Ansari
Occupationblogger, model
Height165 cm
Weight50 kg
Marital statussingle
Social Media

Sofia Ansari is one of the most popular bloggers in India. She has amassed millions of fans over the years. The girl uploads original dance videos and slips. The blogger is being criticized by Muslims for her very revealing outfits. Competitors are trying to ruin her business and reduce income.

Biography Data

Sofia Ansari was born in North East India on April 30, 1996. Her hometown is Vadodara (Gujarat), where she received her education. However, she did not want to stay at home. The girl wanted to become a fashion model, but it was impossible to achieve good results in a provincial town. Sofia moved to Mumbai and lives there to this day.

Ansari’s perfect figure and bright appearance helped her to interest Indian brands. She participated in many promotional photo shoots. In order to attract attention, Sofia signed up on Tik Tok and started making candid dance videos. In just a year, this activity helped to get the best advertising contracts and the love of millions of people around the world.

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Sofia Ansari in Wikipedia

The absence of an article about a blogger in Wikipedia is a big injustice. A huge audience demands details about the family, parents, childhood and personal life of this girl.

The most interesting facts about Sofia Ansari from non-systematized public sources:

• Sofia and her family are Muslim;

• she once promised fans to create an Only Fans account, but she never did;

• the girl has 4 tattoos: a ring, a devil, an angel and a wolf;

• 3 daughters in the Ansari family;

• Sofia loves to write down all her experiences and thoughts in a diary;

• one of the first successful works of tiktoker was the participation in the video of Aditya Gadvi “Ikk kudi” (2017).

Sofia Ansari Roast and Instagram Account Blocking

In India, there are many critics of Sofia’s work. Several poignant videos have been released on YouTube with the roasting and ridiculing of its content. Beginning bloggers want to get hype on someone else’s success.

The girl had problems with haters when her work began to go beyond India. Muslims reacted negatively to the revealing outfits in which Sofia appears on Tik Tok and Instagram. A wave of discontent led to complaints about her accounts. A page with 9 million followers on Instagram was blocked. The girl had to start the development of the blog from scratch. Her Tik Tok was not affected by the attacks.

A bright Indian girl leads Twitter. It is very difficult to find her official account among dozens of fakes. There is a high possibility that this social network was hacked because strange obscene posts began to appear there. Sofia is not body shy but has never posted any banned content.

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Personal Life: Who Is Her Boyfriend

Sofia has no husband and no children. She is passionate about work. Many men show interest in her, but she does not show the public the details of her relationship. Her blog is dedicated primarily to professional content. Probably, the girl simply does not want to combine work and personal life. One day, the public will find out about her boyfriend, who he is and what he does.

Sofia Ansari Income and Net Worth

Pretty woman does not publish reports on her income. According to experts, she earns more than 100 thousand US dollars a year. The girl travels a lot, which confirms her high fees. Sofia Ansari’s main source of income is advertising contracts and monetization of content on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok.