Stas Prosto Class as Santana Novikova
Birth date18 March 1987
Full nameStanislav Mikhailovich Kruglitsky
Marital statussingle
Social Media

Stas Prosto Class is a comedy blogger, weiner. He owes fame to his heroine Santana Novikova and memorable phrases that have become memes.

Stas Kruglitsky: biography

Blogger Stanislav Kruglitsky was born on March 18, 1987. The place of birth was the Komi Republic. According to his personal VK page, he has a large family – three brothers and two sisters. As a child, he studied music and sang in the male choir. A native of Syktyvkar glorified his city being already a resident of St. Petersburg. In the northern capital, he received a higher education in economics and social management, graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality.

Stas’s permanent job was an indirectly different activity from education – a review of new housing complexes. At first it was a special site, then the content moved to YouTube. Here Kruglitsky covers information about new buildings – describes living space, conditions, amenities and territory. It is noteworthy that he tells and shows facts that developers and construction companies themselves do not always disclose.

From the same area, Stanislav invited interlocutors to the channel, whom he interviewed. One of them even received a JOY award in 2018, where the blogger received answers to questions about business and rebranding from entrepreneur Andrey Ryabinsky.

Stas Prosto Class on Instagram

The blogger’s biography as a humorist began in 2014. Then, while visiting his grandmother and brother, Stas recorded the first video about working in the garden. On the way home, right in the car, he edited the video and posted it on his Instagram. The post received a good response from a small, at that time, number of subscribers – relatives and friends of Kruglitsky.

In 2015, Stas already added the famous words “just class” to his name in his profile. The videos were quite funny, but did not gain much popularity. Exactly until the moment when the humorist did not try on the female image. An integral part was the black wig that Weiner accidentally picked up as a guest at the wedding – where all the bridesmaids were in black wigs.

He called his heroine in sketches Santana Novikova and collected in her typical stereotypes of mannered and naive girls. So videos began to go viral on the network about how Santana learns to ride a bike, unpacks a package, drives and experiences PMS. Stas supplies all this with funny phrases, which gradually began to be disassembled into quotes and memes. The blogger deliberately distorts many words – sea, river, great, check instead of little man. The fictional girlfriend Angela also appeared in the frame, which perfectly depicts the characteristic female dialogues and reasoning.

Memes and hits from Stas

The audience especially liked the series of vines under the general hashtag “Cho about”. Here Santana Novikova speaks on completely different topics and often far from her narrow mind – about foreign policy, electronic currency and other serious topics. All this comes out very funny with Stas and goes to a wider audience, because he parodies the “couch” experts who flooded the Internet.

“Don’t shoot” – this is the name of several videos of Stas, in which Santana, during a walk, mannerically runs around the park and poses in the style of Instagrammers, while asking her boyfriend not to photograph her. These shots touched the nerves of both boys and girls, but everyone was equally funny. The blogger is distinguished by the fact that he has no haters – his work makes even those who see their real self in his videos smile.

In 2018, Stanislav posted another sketch on Instagram, where his black-haired heroine, in an alluring voice, allegedly answers her boyfriend to the apology “And everything is already, and everything is already, it should have been earlier.” A little later, Kruglitsky created an account on Tik Tok, where he began to merge his old videos. This vine, or rather the original voice acting, literally blew up the comedy part of tiktokers. Parodies began with cats that, with superimposed human lips, synchronously repeated the words “And that’s it.” And the track from the musical group MITCHEL with the same name of the song became the peak of popularity.

Stas Prosto Class: personal life

Stanislav is not married and does not openly talk about his personal biography. In the photo in VK, he can be seen with the girls, but it is difficult to assess the degree of closeness. A young man goes on vacation alone and enjoys his single life to the fullest. He does not talk about his desires to start a family.

Kruglitsky leads a fairly healthy lifestyle – in sports he prefers martial arts, wrestling, running, skiing. Every year he swims on a longboat with friends on Lake Ladoga – in 2018, Stas took a camera on his next trip, he posted the result of the shooting on the VK page.

Stas Kruglitsky: Santana Novikova now

On the topic of quarantine, Santana Novikova also spoke from Stas’s latest videos. The comedian himself spent self-isolation in his native Syktyvkar. In addition to the main activity, he received a good income from the untwisted vines. In 2020, Stanislav Kruglitsky spent additional funds on his merch – mugs and T-shirts with his beloved Santana. He also began to cooperate with a media agency and became a popular advertiser – he shoots integrations in his characteristic manner.