Too Turnt Tony is a Tik Tok star who earns enough to invest in a business and live a beautiful life. He started making money from social media at the end of 2020. How much capital has he managed to accumulate or how much does his advertising cost?

Too Turnt Tony Income

The blogger has a large army of fans around the world. Once a woman who witnessed the filming of another video called the police. On call, a policeman arrived, who turned out to be familiar with the work of Anthony. His son loves TooTurntTony’s videos very much. This confirms that the audience of this blogger is real. Monetization of such popularity can bring sufficient income. Some social media users buy followers in the hope of making money. However, only an honest increase in the audience can allow a blogger to earn as much as Tony.

Tik Tok pays Anthony $20-$40 for every million views. This is a small amount, but there are enough other sources of income besides the TikTok Creator Fund. The total amount of monthly income can exceed $10,000.

What is Anthony’s Source of Income?

Too Turnt Tony income

TooTurntTony got his first job while working as a model. He has participated in filming for several brands. The total income from such an activity can be estimated at 1000 US dollars.

After the guy became famous on social networks, he had other options for cooperation. When the number of his TikTok followers reached 1 million people, several brands approached the guy. They were offering about $100 for 1 short video featuring the brand name. Today, these amounts have increased several times.

How TooTurntTony earns:

• payments from brands for direct advertising;

• bonuses from TikTok Creator Fund;

• donations from subscribers;

• business (duck farm, merch sale and other activities).

TooTurntTony Net Worth

Too Turnt Tony net worth

Anthony is very careful with his capital. In an interview, he said that he lives a simpler life than his colleagues. This is due to the fact that he spends only part of his earnings on a beautiful and expensive life. The guy invests part of the money in the business. He creates a financial cushion for himself in case of problems with social networks. In what areas of business Tony found himself, he does not say. Fans believe that he is the owner of a duck farm. The guy does not demonstrate the work of this farm, so he can be considered a shareholder, but not a farmer.

Proper management of money makes the calculation of personal capital more difficult. Most sources value the TooTurntTony at $100,000. However, this amount is definitely lower than the real one. It is necessary to add here the value of all his assets. In this case, the estimated Too Turnt Tony net worth is $200,000.

How Rich Is Anthony Now: Actual Net Worth

Too Turnt Tony net worth

During the entire existence of his TikTok account, the blogger received only about $12,000 from the Creator Fund. This amount may be higher. For a more accurate calculation, you need to multiply the number of views of all his videos by $0.00003. Most of the influencer’s capital comes from sponsorship contracts. He is rich enough to buy a car worth over $100,000. At the moment, his financial reserves can reach 200 thousand dollars. Experts predict that in a year this amount will double.