Vlad Bumaga, better known on the Internet under the creative pseudonym A4, disappeared from his YouTube channel at the very beginning of autumn 2021. He stopped acting in new videos, and worried fans began to build numerous conspiracy theories about this. Where did the famous blogger disappear to and what does he really do?

Where did Vlad A4 go?

Vlad Bumaga should be recognized as the most popular blogger in the Russian-speaking space for 2021. The young man eclipsed the Runet legend Ivangai, almost 35 million people subscribed to his YouTube channel. In peak periods, Vlad overtook the most popular YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie, in terms of the number of views. The format of short videos on the channel is entertaining content with sparkling humor and numerous challenges.

Vlad stopped appearing on his social networks in the summer, the last published post on Instagram is dated August 8, 2021. On it, the blogger poses with his mother in front of a purchased car. Vlad A4 also stopped releasing Stories, although before that he posted them with enviable regularity every day.

Paper ceased to appear on the YouTube channel in the fall, he is already absent from the last 10 videos on the official account. He is replaced by colleagues Glent and Kobyakov, the absence of A4 does not affect the number of views, but the fans have already missed the idol.

Vlad Bumaga with Urgant

The army of fans began to build a lot of assumptions about the absence of a blogger on the channel, among them there were quite contradictory ones. One of the versions is that the Glent and Kobyakov canal was taken away from Vlad, and the guy himself is in danger. A person similar to the A4 was seen at sea, he could just go on a long vacation or become disillusioned with the work of a video blogger.

All versions break down on simple logical arguments. Traveling does not prevent the young man from posting on social networks, the remote work format allows you to record videos from anywhere in the world, so the vacation version has no justification. Vlad’s departure from his own project is also unlikely, and the option of kidnapping by colleagues is more entertaining.

The guy could just get sick or break his leg. Fans write hundreds of comments on the YouTube channel and on the blogger’s social networks, being interested in his health, but they have not received any specifics on this. They can only wait. Vlad is obliged to break the long silence and share the reasons for the absence with the audience.

Where is Vlad A4 now

The producer Vlad Ekaterina Stabrovskaya added fuel to the fire, she refused to answer questions from the audience and invited fans to follow the blogger’s social networks. In parallel, a version appeared with the disappearance of Paper from YouTube to draw attention to the channel and ensure an influx of subscribers, but there has been no drop in views in recent months.

Vlad Bumaga

What does Vlad A4 really do? The most plausible version is shooting a novice blogger in a movie. Before that, he repeatedly noted that he was not averse to working on a new project for himself, but was not ready to disappear from the media space for a long time. Paper asked his social media fans if they could take a long hiatus with no new content on the channel.

It is alarming that Vlad continues to remain silent. He does not share any news, but he planned to launch a new project in the summer in 2022 to expand the already large audience. There is also a more prosaic version – the blogger just decided to take a break and is experiencing a crisis of ideas, and voluntary isolation will help to quickly find a way out of the stalemate.